Unfortunately, Ron fell ill and was unable to participate with the team. The offer came in quite late during the Pedal Power Spring League. So the focus was not on Double Century preparation, rather on the league events, where Max Sullivan secured 2nd overall in the end. Nonetheless, the team pulled off something spectacular, finishing in a time of 4:40:25 to claim 3rd overall.


The team was the 13th last to start at 7:13am on Saturday, this gave the team some open road to play with, meaning they didn’t have to worry about being caught nor have any teams latch on for a free ride. In fact, they managed to pass all the teams on the road and cross the line first. The team was comprised of a wide spectrum of riders, ranging from professional road riders, professional mountain bikers, to a masters student and an actuary.

From the gun the team rode smoothly at a high pace before shedding three riders on the first pass, powerhouse Declan Sidey of Kavuki Investments being one of them due to a mechanical on the descent. The team then regrouped in the first feed zone at 120km, and set the fastest split on the day between feed zone 1 and 2, a 350w effort for Declan Sidey averaging above 43km/h.

From the second feed zone at 160km it was survival of the fittest, as riders consumed as much as possible in a fight or flight situation. One by one the gents imploded, and with 20km to go there were only six brave souls remaining. Late call-up, Rohan du Plooy, was rock solid all day long, with the youngsters of Greg de Vink and Ivan Venter having a stellar rider. The trade teams MTB specialists of Etnard Louw and Charles McFall helped nurse the teams six to the line, achieving a relatively phenomenal result.

Its been dubbed as a surprise result, however I knew from the outset and throughout we were in with a good shot. Contrary to popular belief, there was no financial incentives for the riders recruited and we all raced for the love of it and I’m absolutely over the moon to have played a role in generating great exposure and a sense of achievement for the team and its sponsors, real feel good stuff. Declan Sidey


For years the priority for myself has been developing young talent, having a sustainable cycling team and having fun riding bikes along the way. Getting riders such as Stefan de Bod and Declan Sidey onto the professional scene has been the prize, but what the team managed to achieve at the Coronation Double Century in truly special. It is results and weekends like this that fuel the fire, 2018 is going to be great for the team. Alex Heward (team owner and rider)

Special thanks must go to Ron Danneberg, Mad Macs Motorcycles, häzz Coffee, Shaun Glover (soigneur) and all of the teams’ supporters who make the racing possible.


1. Alex Heward
2. Charles McFall
3. Etnard Louw
4. Max Sullivan
5. Jonathan van Gesselleen
6. Greg de Vink
7. Declan Sidey
8. Rohan du Plooy
9. Ivan Venter
10. Emce van Zyl
11. Cobus Swanepoel
12. Chris Brosz