Image credit: © Red Bull Media House

Dropping in off a near-vertical sandstone ridge, 1500 feet above the vast open desert of Utah starts one of the toughest free-ride mountain-bike challenges in the world: Red Bull Rampage.

Last year’s winner, Kurt Sorge, who started riding professionally at 16, was terrified holding his handlebars before he dropped. And when Cam McCaul backflipped over a massive 60+ foot canyon gap, he was sure he ‘was going to crash and ruin the whole run’, but, instead, won the Utah Sports Commission Best Trick Award.

Red Bull Rampage sets no boundaries, with riders having the freedom to scope and build their lines wherever they want. This year they will face four days of nerves to pull the gutsiest jumps, massive drops and most gnarly tricks seen since the first riders trekked to Virgin, UT in 2001.

Highlights from Rampage 2012

The trek to the Rampage and the action within, 2010