This may seem a presumptuous statement to make, especially because the 2013 season has hardly begun. There is, therefore, no indication yet about who the ‘young guns’ will be who will battle it out for overall supremacy in the Nissan series.

But Rebello’s performances of last year speaks for itself.

He won at Hilton, finished second at Mabalingwe as well as in the Ride Crater Cruise, and was third at Barberton, Sabie and Clarens.

Because of his consistency, he was second overall in the Nissan series.

His good friend, Ryan Gibbons, was the overall winner.

It is important to remember that Rebello is now in his second year as a junior and will, therefore, certainly be stronger and more experienced than last year.

By winning the three-day junior event at The Cycle Fest in Pietermaritzburg with Julian Jessop, Rebello proved that he is in good form. In spite of the muddy conditions the two of them dominated the three days of racing. They finished second in the cross-country race and then won the downhill enduro-race, as well as the two-hour endurance race.

Last year PJ Luus won in Barberton by catching up and then passing Gibbons in the last kilometre.

PJ's winning time was 2 hours 8 minutes and 21 seconds. Gibbons finished second in 2:09.12 and Dylan Rebello was third in 2:11:02.

With this victory PJ Luus kept up a proud family tradition, because his brother, Lourens Luus (RE:CM), had also won the Barberton half-marathon.

PJ makes no secret about the fact that his brother is one of his role models. "I really learn a lot from Lourens. What I admire most about him is his self-discipline and his positive attitude towards racing."

Rebello predicts that PJ Luus will again be one of the riders to beat. “It is going to be an exciting race.” According to Rebello, he is hoping that the long climbs will favour him. “I am much stronger racing uphill than racing for hours on end on flat dirt roads.”

Rebello’s other big goal for the season is to qualify to represent South Africa in the UCI Cross Country World Championship at the Cascades Course in Pietermaritzburg in August.

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