ccs-41808-0-90530900-1381231628.jpgImage credit: Jetline Action Photo
Louis Van Nieuwenhuizen and Hennus Trotzky are the two men behind the Slanghoek Mountain2Mountain MTB routes. According to Van Nieuwenhuizen the 60km route is a rewarding route for the fit rider.

“The 60km route includes challenging climbs and technical descends. Awesome singletrack and jeep track through vineyards will make the enjoyment complete. The 30km route is focussed on the intermediate rider with ascents and descents to hone their skills. Jeep track and great singletracks with beautiful views of the Slanghoek Valley will make the race unforgettable. The 13km route is for novices and beginners. Jeep track through vineyards with awesome views will guide you on a circular route through Slanghoek Valley,” says Van Nieuwenhuizen.

“All three routes start with a 3km tar road, which gives the riders enough time to warm up their legs properly,” adds Trotzky. “After the first 5km, the 33km and 63km routes pass the starting point again. This creates a great atmosphere where music is being played and it is also the perfect spot for spectators to encourage the riders. From this point the two distances (33km and 63km) follow a rapid route leading to ATKV Goudini Spa. The route running through the hot water spring leads to a technical downhill of about 800meters, after which the routes are combined with plenty of single track and fast, flat gravel roads. Both the routes are designed to create a balance between uphill climbs, downhill, single track and fast, flat gravel roads. Provision is made for well equipped water points. There are four water points in the 63km route and three water points in the 33km route”.

According to previous year’s competitor Cherie Vale, her main focus at the 63km Slanghoek Mountain2Mountain MTB Classic will be to have fun. “Getting a podium will be a bonus,” laughs Vale. “I’m looking forward to being out on my bike, while having the excitement of racing. The Slanghoek Mountain2Mountain MTB Classic route features a nice combination of everything. After the race you can chill with a glass of wine, listen to the entertainment and refuel with food from one of the food stalls. The event organisation is really great,” says Vale.