The Cycling South Africa Coaching Commission, SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) and Olympic Solidarity afforded them the opportunity.
The coaching course is essentially an eight-week course, which has been condensed into four weeks.

“As can be imagined, we are literally working day and night,” said Annerine. “On its successful completion, we will be awarded with UCI level 1 and 2 coaching qualification.”

“The level at which this course is being presented by our facilitator, Belinda Tarling (voted best Coach of the Year (2012) in Britain), is definitely one of the most in-depth courses that I’ve ever been on. And this is only the end of the first week!” says Erica.

A group of 10 women are attending the course from countries including Croatia, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Japan, Finland, Uganda, Iran and South Africa. Many of the attendees are either professional or ex-professional riders, with some who even participated in the 2012 London Olympics.

The course is presented in English, a language that is not the mother tongue for most. “It is, however, amazing to see how the course attendees are working together to master the material,” said Annerine.

“We are staying in an apartment in Aigle, and we were issued with city bikes, which serves as transport on the 4km commute to and from the WCC,” continues Annerine. “We are fortunate to have Internet and library facilities available as supporting resources to the material provided. We are given daily assignments, both practical and theory, with the practical definitely being the most valuable in learning.”