ccs-62657-0-49057700-1466416473.jpgJana Barry.
1. What do you enjoy most about mountain biking?
I enjoy being outside in nature and the adrenaline when I try out new technical challenges.

2. How has the Spur School Series motivated you to ride?

The Spur school series is aimed at school children, which makes it less intimidating to start with. My first race, 3 years ago, was a Spur race and from there I started participating in other races. The trip to Magaliesburg and the social side is also a big motivator.

3. Do you enjoy the lap racing format of the Spur School series?

Yes, you learn the track better with each round, but it would be more fun if they could add a B-line and a A-line with technical sections.

4. Which trail feature/ obstacle do you enjoy most?

I enjoy taking gap jumps, drop offs, rock gardens... anything exciting.

5. Which was your favourite race last year and why?

I enjoyed the Spur race at Paul Roos the most, because it is situated in a beautiful area and is the most technical course.

6. What are you looking forward to most in the 2016 season?

I look forward to the team spirit, the support and excitement before and after the each race.

7. Has riding mountain bikes taught you any important life skills?

I learnt that what goes up has to come down and that you shouldn't hesitate, otherwise you WILL fall. On a different note: practice makes perfect; perseverance gives results, never give up; if you don't try new challenges, you will never succeed.

8. What are your cycling goals after school?

I haven't thought much about my cycling goals after school, but I'd love to keep riding for as long as possible.