1. What do you enjoy most about mountain biking?

I find most joy in the silence when I am on my bike. At the same time it also very enjoyable to share that experience with my friends and family.

2. How has the Spur School Series motivated you to ride?

The Spur Series introduced me to the competitiveness of mountain biking as a sport. It combined elements of fun whilst also being serious enough that you have to really plan and race hard.

3. Do you enjoy the lap racing format of the Spur School series?

Yes, the speed and consistency required with the great crowd support all over the track, is what I enjoy most.

4. Which trail feature/ obstacle do you enjoy most?

I am very fond of single tracks, rock gardens and well placed berms; anything that makes the race more challenging.

5. Which was your favourite race last year and why?

The first race of the season at Meerendal last year. This race was the first indicator of the season in terms of my own fitness and overall standing in my age group.

6. What are you looking forward to most in the 2016 season?

I look forward to the interaction and inter school spirit; we’re all great friends outside of racing as well.

7. Has riding mountain bikes taught you any important life skills?

Yes, what you put into life is also what you get out. You have to learn how to do this within the framework of effective time management between school, training and family responsibilities.

8. What are your cycling goals after school?

I would like to venture into the local and international cycling scene and, if given the opportunity, start racing professionally. My dream is to one day win a world class race such as the Trans Alp or ABSA Cape Epic.