We note the recent developments with regards to Cycling South Africa (CSA). As events and organizers, we are significant contributors through our events and clients (the rider) to the CSA model. In light of recent media reports, we would like to inform our clients and riders that we have requested a meeting with CSA. We have requested this meeting in order to establish certain facts, enquire about specific decisions and understand the processes that have (and will) be put in place to rectify certain aspects of the sports administration that needs attention. CSA immediately acknowledged our request and efficiently setup a meeting accordingly for the 26th June, where President William Newman will be meeting with the respective event representatives.

While a lot has been said about CSA's financial position, as a group of KZN based events we feel It is important for us to note and acknowledge that Cycling KZN as a governing body is financially sound and operationally efficient, and we thank the respective volunteers who have put their personal time and effort into the organization to date.

Our commitment as a group is to ensure that we represent our partners, clients and riders to the best of our ability in order to help facilitate a sport that is associated with good governance, financially sound principles and a governing body that is focused on growing the sport through good business principles.