The overall podium for the MTB Bundesliga series. Photo: Thomas Weschta / EGO Promotion

Cherie Redecker’s overall position was nearly lost in the first 50 metres of the race but a strong fightback meant she was still in contention. She described the race as follows:

I had a great start for the first 50 meters but then my chain snapped. It was an uphill run to the tech zone where I was lucky to have the help from Head Ciclo XC Team to replace my chain. I was stone last but had nothing to lose. I tried not to let the negative thoughts sink in and focused on the now. With the right mental approach, I was able to turn my race around. I found a rhythm and started passing riders. I wasn’t sure where I was in the race until Heiko cheered me on saying I need to get into the top 10 to keep my overall spot. With one lap to go, I was 11th with 2 riders in the distance. That last lap was a big mental game and I didn’t want to finish the season with any regrets. Digging deep past the pain, I managed to finish the race in 9th.

Photo: Josh Findley

While I had my own drama there was also excitement at the front of the race. Unfortunately, Anne Terpstra had to stop her race due to still not feeling well after getting sick on her return from World Champs in Australia. Sabine Spitz was leading the race but a flat tyre on the penultimate lap gave Lisi Osl a chance of winning the race. If Osl did manage to win, I would have placed 4th overall for the series, but luckily for me, Spitz managed to fight back and win. With the win, Spitz took the overall series win. Hanna Klein came 5th moving her to 2nd overall. Even though the result on the day wasn't what I was hoping for, I am happy to have come 3rd overall in the MTB Bundesliga series.

Photo: Josh Findley

Racing the MTB Bundesliga series has been fundamental for me. It has highlighted the areas where I really need to focus on in order to move forward in my racing. The best part of racing the series are the friends I have made.