This follows the spate of attacks on Table Mountain in the past few weeks, many of which have been discussed at length in the Table Mountain Bikers forums here on The Hub:

See thread: Table Mountain Crime Hotspot

Here's the meeting invite to all from TMSAG:

We have invited TMNP to provide an update of their crime fighting activities and plans for 2013 – after which we will seek to highlight various ‘community’ driven initiatives that are all aimed at keeping each other safe within TMNP. Its time to synch up on these and to avoid duplication / maximise our efforts etc.

In the mean time check out @tablemntnwatch if you are using twitter – there is a set of more up to date information there for everyone.

In closing – we have been focused on this issue for almost 7 years now and its clear that this form of “contact crime” within TMNP is not going to go away completely. In the light of this we need to find ways to keep each other safe and to avoid this type of confrontation. Lets discuss how and by what means at the meeting on 13 Feb.

Hope to see you there.




Please pass this on to fellow mountain users.