I brought Clemens and Nico to help me make the jumps bigger and darker than ever! Sam Reynolds

Judging the size of things on video is often very misleading and the two newcomers were both very surprised at the size of these jumps but they dove right in to the diggers and got to work. This week the team have been adding new lines, tweaking sections to make it more friendly for big downhill bikes, and smoothing out the eroded lips and landings from last year.


When I first got here and saw the step up and the site my thoughts were, go big or go home... man, maybe I should have stayed at home. Clemens Kaudela

The infamous giant step up now has two hipped landings on either side with the right line leading into an additional left hip to end of the run. It looks absolutely insane.

They are also busy with a long low jump over the run up to the big step up, which will make for some spectacular shots with guys jumping over each other going mach1!


When Sam showed me the jumps, I was blown away by the sheer size of these things. Pretty nervous to ride them to be honest Nick Vink

Having two diggers on site now means that the speed of progress has doubled. You can literally watch the jumps grow. Nico is loving it too much and spending all day in them getting things dialled in.


A bit of rain came through on Wednesday, which slowed down the building, but made the dirt tacky and perfect to work with, so it's all guns blazing again and we can't wait to see as the rest of their ideas come to life.

Lots more plans to unfold, keep an eye out for the week 2 update, before all the riders come down to shred the goodness!