A long mountain bike race can be intimidating, especially if it’s as rough and tough as the Hollard Jozi Urban MTB Adventure. Never fear, here is the Hollard JUMA guide to conquering the 54km.

The Hollard JUMA, taking place on the 29th May 2016 at Marks Park, is a mountain bike race that turns the world's biggest urban forest into the ultimate mountain biker’s playground with a course build worth over R1.5 million.


1. Mark your Calendar

The big day is on the 29 May 2016, we’ve done the maths and that’s t-minus 8 weeks to get into your 54km gear. Maximize the time left by getting some practice in, whether it’s indoors or out, every kilometre counts.

2. Keep it Real

With storm drains, scaffolding and some tricky technical sections to tackle on the Hollard JUMA, it’s definitely a good idea to get off the trainer and into the wild. Go for a skills clinic, try a new or more technical route and take on obstacles you’ve never tried before and you’ll be ready for anything the Hollard JUMA 54km can throw at you.

4. Pack Some Rocket Fuel

Breakfast is the most important pre-race meal, try to eat a breakfast that includes a little protein at least 3 hours before the race - did someone say boerewors? There will be three fully stocked water points along the way, but for the dips and drops in between we recommend stocking your pack with some fuel good food – think fruit, nuts, biltong and a gel or two.

3. Never Go Full Race Snake

With the rush of the start it’s easy to get caught up trying to stay with the leaders up front, unfortunately enthusiasm will only get you so far. Rather start out slow, take the race at your pace. You might be surprised that, towards the end, you’ll start passing riders that were sprinting the start.

5. Accept the Challenge

If you’re the kind of rider that wants the fun to last a little longer enter the 54km Hollard JUMA today. The 54km route features 77 tons of sky-high scaffolding, km’s of storm drains, the 700m Anatomic tunnel, the Melville Koppie ridge and much more! Entry fees are R399. Enter NOW! www.juma.co.za

For those who don’t want to go the distance there is also a shorter, less technical 22km option, visit www.juma.co.za to find out more.