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“I am passionate about local products and wanted to create something Proudly South African that would enable parents to have a great time with their kids,” says Doug.

The LITTLE WING has been tested by global sportive icons like Conrad Stoltz, who has multiple XTERRA world championships to his name, amongst other accolades.  He says: “Sharing my lifelong passion of riding bikes in cool places with my 3 kids feels more significant and rewarding than chasing professional sportive dreams, taking names and winning world titles. The LITTLE WING system has enabled me to share the passion effortlessly with my kids aged 2, 4 and  6.”

With the LITTLE WING, you can disconnect from the digital world and connect with your family, spending time doing the things you love. Nothing beats the shared excitement of gearing up for an adventure on the bike, and the LITTLE WING makes it easy and fun to do with kids.

Doug explains: “There are few things as rewarding as hearing the words “faster Daddy faster” and “woohooo this is so much fun” whilst flowing down a trail with my little girl. To share in the experience of adventure, the great outdoors and to expose her to all of the wonderful lessons that Mother Nature brings, are the foundations I hope to lay for her. The LITTLE WING has been a great tool in helping me get her out there in a fun and exciting way.”

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The LITTLE WING is simple and easy to use. With its no-touch mounting, it floats above your frame, like your child! A front clamp fastens onto a headset spacer, while the rear clamp fastens onto the seatpost. The child holds the handlebar and slips their feet into comfortable, non-slip and adjustable stirrups.

Doug adds: “There were several important considerations when developing the LITTLE WING, most notably durability, adjustability, comfort, as well as ease of use without compromising the bike's frame. To achieve this, we tested 5 prototypes over a period of 14 months, on all kinds of terrain and with little co-pilots of different ages, sizes and weights.”

The LITTLE WING is compatible with most modern mountain bikes with a medium frame or larger, including e-bikes. The seat is dropper-post friendly and, thanks to its no-contact design, is safe for use with carbon frames. For bikes with non-standard headsets, compatible headset spacers are available.

The seat is easily adjustable and can be moved into place for maximum ride comfort. The seat can be moved backwards and forwards or angled up and down to find the perfect fit. There are no clunky or unwieldy strappings; once installed, the LITTLE WING clips in and out with ease. 

All fastening, tightening and loosening is done with allen keys, so no special equipment is needed to get you set up with the LITTLE WING.

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Another key aspect to the LITTLE WING is the fact that all parts are easily replaceable which speaks to its longevity. “As a dad with two kids, I wanted to ensure that the LITTLE WING could be passed down from one child to the other. To achieve this, we needed to develop a product that was easy to maintain, with parts that are easy to replace.” 

The LITTLE WING is for children between the ages of 2 and 5 year old and a maximum weight of 22kg.

Pre-orders for the LITTLE WING are now open with delivery being in mid-January 2022. It retails for R 3,650.00 incl VAT and shipping and is available for delivery around South Africa, via the website: