The Time Freight eTeam has the goal of becoming a UCI registered team for African women. Olivier said that she has already seen the talent necessary in Africa to make it happen and added that Zanele has ambitions to compete at an international level which fits perfectly with where we heading to as a team.

ccs-62657-0-15242700-1458631993.jpgZanele Tshoko.
Zanele had the following to say about her move to the team: “I am very happy to be part of the Time Freight eTeam and I am going to embrace this opportunity. I am very eager to learn and improve and now for the first time I am part of a team of ladies who can mentor me every step of the way. I chose this team because I believe in each and every one that is part of this team. It feels like I am part of a family. I see it as a very strong team with strong individuals that work well together to achieve more with friendly, lovely and funny personalities. I find it easy to get along with them and enjoy that they make me feel at home. As part of this team I would like to perform at my personal best. I believe that this opportunity will open doors in my career and support my dreams which are to represent South Africa again and race as part of a European team one day. With the guidance that I will be getting from our team captain and one of the top female cyclists in South Africa, Lise Olivier, I can learn a lot. Lise inspires me and motivates me to want to be the best female cyclist in South Afirca and be an example and inspiration to younger female cyclists.”

Time Freight, one of South Africa’s leading road express businesses, has been supporting the team financially over the past three years. “Together with Time Freight we have built this team into something truly special and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished thus far,” said Olivier.

The Time Freight eTeam is having a stellar season with results that include double gold medals for Namibian Vera Adrian at the African Continental Championships, 2nd at the South African National Road Championships, win at Xterra Port Elizabeth, Kim le Court taking the win at the Rudy Project Berge en Dale Classic and a 3rd place finish at the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

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