(Update: It is with heavy heart that Cycling South Africa’s Track Training Camp, Cycle Skills and Club Level, and Level 1 Cycling Coaching Courses have been cancelled.

Cycling SA’s Coaching Commission Director, Roger Bouton, received notice from the administrators of the Bellville Velodrome that the venue will be used for Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, from Saturday 7 December 2013. The facility will be in use for 10-14 days thereafter.

Bouton is making every attempt to try and reschedule the coaching courses and Track training camp for January. Details and confirmation will be communicated in due course.)

This courses will be presented by Ian Rodger and Roger Bouton, both UCI Level 2 and Cycling SA Coaches.


This is a training programme specifically targeted at the coach who desires to assist novice cyclists in the areas of bicycle skills, roadworthiness, the correct choice and fitment of cycling equipment and optimising bicycle set up using existing equipment. The training programme duration is two days.

Candidates of a Cycle Skills & Club Level Coaching Course will learn the following:

1. An introduction and an overview of Cycling South Africa’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme and training programmes

2. Accreditation requirements – Cycle Skill & Club Cycling Coach training programme

3. Role of the coach;

a) Legal Requirements

b) Risk Management

c) Child Protection

4. Planning and reviewing a session

5. Managing Risk

6. The coach in action;

a) Athlete Development

b) Bicycle road worthiness and safety

c) Optimising bicycle and helmet fit

d) Basic Cycle Skills – Evaluation and instruction

7. Policies and Procedures:

a) Cycling South Africa Coach’s Code of Ethics

b) Cycling SA-NCAS Individual Agreement

c) Acknowledgement of Accreditation Requirements

d) Recognition of Prior Learning / Current Competence Policy

e) Updating Policy

f) Cycling South Africa Sports Safety policy

g) Cycling South Africa Coach’s HIV/Aids Policy

8. Cycling and Coaching Tips not found in Magazines

9. Goal setting and the path of Achievement

10. Dare to Dream – Motivational Insert

11. Training Myths Dispelled

Course commencement: 13:00-18:00 – 7 December 2013

Course completed: 09:00-16:00 – 8 December 2013

Costs for the course are R 1,200.00 per candidate, and course material will be supplied as will refreshments and lunch.

All accredited cycling coaches are recognised as having met the standards under the Cycling SA-NCAS (National Coach Accreditation Scheme), which is recognised by SASCOC.


Candidates of a Level 1 Cycling Coach Course will discover a training programme for the coach who wishes to assist club and provincial level cyclists to develop their fitness and hone their racing skills. To be part of this course, candidates need to have been an active Cycle Skill and Club Level Coach for six months, or have gained entry through our (RPL) system.

The course will consist of 20 modules:

Module 1 – Role of the Cycling Coach

Module 1a – Long Term Participant Development

Module 2 – Physical Conditioning

Module 3 – UCI Technical Regulations

Module 4 – Target Training Zones

Module 5 – Health & Safety

Module 6 – Drugs in Sport

Module 7 – Bicycle Set Up

Module 8 – Strength & Conditioning

Module 9 – Designing Training Programs

Module 10 – Nutrition & Hydration

Module 11 – Advanced Athlete Assessment and Monitoring

Module 11a – Training with Power

Module 12 – Advanced Performance Assessment

Module 13 – Skills Development

Module 14 – Advanced Bicycle Set Up

Module 15 – Digital Video Analysis

Module 16 – Internet Coaching Information

Module 17 – Coaching Pathways

Module 18 – Junior Cyclists Development

Course commencement -- 09:00-17:00 -- 14 December 2013

-- 09:00-17:00 -- 15 December 2013

Course completed -- 09:00-16:00 -- 16 December 2013

All accredited cycling coaches are recognised as having met the standards under the Cycling SA-NCAS (National Coach Accreditation Scheme), which is recognised by SASCOC.

The cost for the course is R 2 500 per candidate. Course material will be supplied as will refreshments and lunch.