USN has a zero tolerance policy on doping in sport. Such is USN’s commitment to this as a responsible sports supplement brand, that it only supplies its elite and professional ambassadors with product that has been certified as being free of prohibited substances on the World Anti-doping Association (WADA) list by HFL Sport Science in the United Kingdom.

“USN has invested a great deal of effort and funding in this screening process, which is logistically challenging and costly, but is currently the most comprehensive risk management process available to ensure sports supplements are safe for use by professional sportsmen and women,” said Albe Geldenhuys, USN founder and CEO.

USN was the first South African sports supplement brand – and is still one of just a handful of brands – that adheres to this procedure, which screens against banned substances on the WADA list and which ensures an auditable chain of custody is kept from the point of manufacture to the end user.

HFL Sport Science is an internationally recognised and accredited laboratory providing high quality testing for athlete healthcare and nutritional supplements. Their aim is to give athletes, coaches, and national federations confidence in supplement manufacturers and suppliers, and to provide analytical services relating to biomarkers of fitness and nutritional health.

HFL's Informed Sport Programme is recommended as a process for teams and athletes by certain International Sporting Federations and UKAD (United Kingdom Anti-Doping) and uses internationally recognised standards in their testing processes.