It seems like suspension designs can't exist without the marketing speak to explain them, and while some of these videos are just that, they still show the actual suspension doing its thing and exactly how it works. So if you, like me, don't actually understand most of the suspension systems out there and what actually sets them apart, explore the videos below.

Jose Gonzalez, Trek Bicycle's Director of Suspension explains Trek's Floating suspension design. For some reason Trek decided to take a blast to the past and record the video on a 90's camcorder. Either way, it's less fluff and more actual information.

Niner CVA Suspension

This video may have no volume, but it shows perfectly how braking and pedalling forces affect suspension designs.

Dave Weagle explains his Split Link design on Devinci bikes.

Another Dave Weagle suspension design, this time explained by the guys at Ibis with their Ibis Ripley.

A very short demonstration of the three platforms that Santa Cruz designed, though APP is no longer offered. Which is a shame, because it looks like it works wonderfully.

Another silent film, this one shows Lapierre's Pendbox. I couldn't tell you what all the arrows mean, but the design looks awesome.

Yeti's very capable Switch Suspension explained with a fair smattering of marketing fluff and brand bolstering. Pretty cool to see the frame getting put together though.

GT's Independent Drivetrain Technology explained and also compared to other designs with diagrams showing GT's apparent superiority. There's a fair amount of fluff, but some really good technical information too.