This presented the perfect opportunity to not just promote cycle tourism but to promote cycling within the local community and give back. With #pumpforpeace gaining momentum, Lesotho would be the first country to benefit from the initiative. From the offset we wanted to include music in the activation and so the official opening welcomed local musicians from around Lesotho to perform and showcase their talent.

Many of the children in Lesotho have not had the chance to ride a bike, let alone ride one of the world class Velosolutions pump tracks.

There is nothing better than seeing kids of all backgrounds ride one of our tracks. Seeing the joy and fun the new track in Lesotho brought to the local community only reinforced the positive change #pumpforpeace can help bring about Claudio Caluori

The Lesotho project acted as catalyst for #pumpforpeace and has been welcomed by the community. As news spread of what was taking place in neighbouring South Africa it was clear Lesotho would not be the only community to benefit from the positive impact of a pump track. In August 2017, Pretoria will host the first ever #pumpforpeace concert in partnership with ‘The Project Room’, all proceeds from this concert will go towards building pump tracks in surrounding communities and supporting the grass roots music scene.