“It is with huge regret and sadness, we have to announce the cancellation of The West Coast express Funride this Sunday.

Provincial Traffic and their appointed contractors working on the R27 have retracted permission to use the route due to roadworks in the interests of cyclists’ safety.

This late notice comes as a complete surprise and the cancellation was only triggered as a result of the race’s organising committee meeting with the contractors to request assistance in making the road as wide and safe as possible. This discussion about safety and the road use at the event, gave cause for the contractor to initiate cancellation proceedings late on Thursday 13th October.

We cannot apologise enough and assure you every last avenue was looked at, officials called and spoken to, and options considered.

Entrants will be refunded by Racetec directly and any late entries or EFT payments to the Outriders will be refunded by the club. Please let as many fellow cyclists know as you can.”