Ciovita was founded, and is run, by like-minded individuals with a wealth of experience in the sportswear, and fashion industries; we design and manufacture the highest quality performance cycling apparel for both the mountain and the road.

We draw on our backgrounds, as well as our own experiences of riding in different conditions all over the world, to create the kind of kit that we want to ride in. It is this love of cycling that sets us apart; as our founder puts it: “We are not just another sportswear manufacturer; we are a cycling brand. We focus all our energy into cycling, and we intend to take Ciovita to the global stage.

The name, Ciovita, is a combination of Italian and Latin words meaning “Life in Motion” and this philosophy underpins our approach to an industry that is always pushing itself to go further and faster.

To stay relevant you need to keep advancing, innovating and pushing yourself.


Form follows function

With over two decades’ of combined experience in the design and manufacture of sportswear, the Ciovita team strives to deliver uncompromising comfort, performance and style; we know that the only way to achieve this is to handle every facet of production, from conceptual design, through to the final stitch, in-house.

Our production techniques utilise state-of-the-art sublimation printing, which not only ensures the integrity of the fabrics and endurance of our prints, but also offers almost limitless design possibilities. Clients wishing to express their creative side are able to contribute to the design process through an advanced interactive web app that allows users to work within an extensive range of templates, colours, and fonts, to design their own unique riding gear.

Our core range offers stylish designs, from the eye-catching and colourful, to the understated and sophisticated, and while we understand that looking good is important, we know that what matters most to riders is that it performs. That’s why we source the finest materials from an extensive network of global suppliers. The top-of-the-range fabrics are hand selected according to the intense technical requirements of each item we produce; from high performance Italian Lycra, which gives our jerseys control and flexibility, to the lightweight Vita-tex in our gilets, you can be sure that each item is not only designed to perform its function, but also to complement the rest of the range, ultimately ensuring the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible.


For riders by riders

Development and testing is a continuous process at Ciovita, and is conducted week in and week out, on the slopes of the mountain and in the city’s streets, by the very same people who make our kits. It is easy to tell that we ride, as much and as often as we can, as it shows in the precision that can only come from continuous refinement.

Every item in our range is the culmination of months of planning, design and rigorous testing, because we understand that millimetres are as important in the design, as they are when attacking a section of trail.

This driving philosophy of constant innovation will always remain at the heart of Ciovita. “We never stop testing; we never stop tweaking; we never stop learning; and we never stop searching. We never stop. It’s all there in our name.