In the fairness of voting, the photographers will remain anonymous until the voting period has closed.



Stage 1


I had found a good spot to wait for the ladies. I didn't know about Sabine's crash but as they passed I noticed the blood. Jumping up I had to run and manages to capture this the second time. Only through sheer determination did she make it to the end #RESPECT

Stage 2


The Cape Epic: a race so tough even the pros need to get off and push at times.

Stage 3


Group A heads off into the sunrise under the watchful eye of the aerial photographer.

Stage 4


What a day of racing. Punctures and other technical issues littered the leading pack throughout the stage. Scott came through with 1st and 2nd team in men's with the ‘senior’ team allowing the ‘junior’ team the honour of the day. Scott won the mixed category yet again.

Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7


First time Cape Epic partners Mariske Strauss and Annie Last racing along the gravel roads outside Franschhoek en route to Val de Vie to go on and take 2nd position overall in the UCI women's category.

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