Imagine - no development, just the occasional rondawel. The land is owned by Nature Conservation and it is the most pristinely beautiful coastline in the world. Scattered at 30km intervals along the coast are fantastic beach hotels.

Now imagine riding a Fat Bike for 3 days from hotel to hotel on the beach. The bike’s number board just reflects your name - no race numbers and therefore no race … it is a social event of note and we have typically found the riders wanting to regroup and pose for team pics.


Each day is in the region of 30km, starting after breakfast at 8.30 am and getting into the hotel by lunchtime latest is the norm. The bikes are cool alloy Fat Cat Pro with 27 speeds and are the ideal beach weapon.


The bonus is that it is a rental and all you do is arrive and the second benefit is that you don’t destroy your bike by swimming through the salty rivers.

The group size is limited to 30 riders and is ideal for couples, families and good mates to breath in the beauty of the Wild Coast and is also the perfect way to destress.


The next Fat Attack event starts on 12 May from Morgan Bay, just an hour drive from East London.

Entries are limited so enter today on