We've been hard at work over the last few months to make it easier to own your very own Felt. Not only is it easier to order but we also pride ourselves in our 15-day turnaround from the day you order from www.feltbicycles.co.za

Born and raised in California, Felt has been making performance road, track, and triathlon bikes since 1991. We are focused on speed and inspired by the competitive spirit we share with you. Whether you are chasing a gold medal or your local hero segment, we are here to support your goals. Our bikes are designed with performance in mind, featuring innovative construction techniques and materials, frame features, and specifications focused on going fast. We seek to produce well-engineered and built bikes that help you gain every advantage with respect to aerodynamics, ride quality, and raw oomph. We focus principally on road, gravel, cyclocross, track, and triathlon bikes. We build for speed and the fun that comes with going fast.

From the F Series if you’re chasing Strava Segments, to the AR, with its brand new design, if you’re looking for that racing machine.

If Triathlon is your thing, we can offer the B series to see you to your first Ironman finish-line or the IA series - the fastest tri-bike in the world and winner of 6 consecutive IronMan World Championships in Kona.


We’re all about inclusivity, so we’ve made sure that there is a bike that fits every ambition and every budget. And we can promise that the price you see is the price you pay – no nasty surprises when your new bike arrives at customs.

We’ve spent months covering all the angles to ensure a smooth shopping experience that matches the smooth riding experience that Felt offers.

At Felt Bicycles, we remain committed to the pursuit of excellence in design, aerodynamics, and carbon fiber. Our innovations come from iterative development, real-world testing, and efforts to get athletes across all types of finish lines around the world. Whether you are racing on the tarmac, slugging it out across stretches of gravel, shredding down a gnarly jump line, or drilling it through some headwinds thinking about the run segment to come, we're there to deliver the best to you. And, remember, together we're the #feltfamily.