You’ve had to pump the brakes on your favourite hobby. Are you still paying for insurance, stationary wheels and all? Enter ​JaSure​, underwritten by Santam — the on-demand insurance app. JaSure gives you the flexibility to switch on your insurance only when you need it. Saturday morning ride? Switch on and we’ve got you covered.


When it comes to talking shop for cyclists, insurance isn’t usually at the top of the list of riveting conversation starters. Personal bests. A great trail ride – yes. But, the bottom line is that cycling isn’t a cheap hobby. Factor into the equation how much you love to get into the saddle. Insuring your bicycle is just the smart thing to do. And now, you can save by only paying when you need to protect your gear.


In two minutes, sign up on the app and start adding your assets, such as your bicycle and cycling accessories. Quick and easy. Smart and mobile. It’s the way insurance should be. JaSure covers a host of your favourite things, from tech gadgets to photographic and sports equipment to camping gear and even musical instruments.

Our interactive in-app quote lets you switch on cover in an instant. If you want an indicative quick quote, we’ve got that too at​.


And claims? Simply submit a video on the app and we’ll take it from there. Turnaround is swift and hassle-free.

Smart mobile on-demand insurance. Check. Letting you save on costs. Check. Headache free. Keeping you enjoying the hobby you love. Check. Check.

Download the JaSure app from the ​Apple App Store​ or ​Google Play Store​ and use the code BIKEHUB when you sign up to get cash back. After three months of insuring your gear with JaSure, we’ll give you an average month’s premium back. See you on the app!