You love your bike, don't you? You’re also likely to have spent a considerable amount of money on your beloved steed, so don't take the chance with makeshift padding when transporting your bike on the bike rack.

The Imbi was developed by South African, Earle Loxton, an avid cyclist who hails from Somerset West. Earle sought out a better way in which to protect his bike whilst on the bike rack as he travelled to various events and training rides.


After working through an assortment of prototype models, the Imbi was eventually born in 2015. Earle and his wife Mariëtte introduced the Imbi to the world at the Inter-Bike show in Las Vegas. Shortly thereafter they managed to secure a distributor in the USA.

The Imbi is produced from a soft, durable EPDM rubber with a velcro strap attached. The design ensures that the Imbi will last the lifetime of your bicycle, while it is not easily lost, being bright red in colour.


After discussions with local distributor 88 Sports, the Imbi found its way to the shelves in a select number of cycling retailers across the country in April 2016. With a network of stores that stock the Imbi expanding on a daily basis, keep an eye out for it at your local bike shop.

At a price of R299, the Imbi is reasonably priced accessory which you can’t go without. Not only will it protect your bike from being scratched and chipped every time you need to transport it, but because the Imbi fits perfectly Imbi-tween, you’ll be on your way in a matter of minutes each time you need to travel.