Magic Milk Tubeless goes head-to-head with ‘old school’ natural latex MTB sealants, with their inherent drawbacks. Its advanced, ammonia-free chemistry and fibre technology make it -

•    Last longer
•    Seal Stronger
•    Coat the porous sidewall
•    Dry evenly - top up without tyre removal
•    Be compatible with CO2, tyres and wheels
It’s the natural choice for Weekend Warriors.

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Magic Milk Hi-Fibre is the premium, Race version, the Choice of Champions: like Cape Epic winners Nino Schurter and Bart Brentjens. 
Top World Teams switched from traditional brands - Hi-Fibre is used in Downhill low pressures, mainstream MTB/XC, and Road Race, where high pressures are too much for most sealants.  It handles tubed, tubular and tubeless set-ups.

Used by teams like – 

  • SCOTT-SRAM (MTB, including 2 World Champions)
  • GHOST Factory Racing (top womens MTB team)
  • CST PostNL Bafang (MTB, including e-MTB)
  • KTM Alchemist Selle (Cyclocross/Marathon MTB)
  • Gamux Racing (Downhill)
  • Zappi Racing (U23 Road Racing)
  • KHS Pro Team (top US MTB/Downhill team)
  • Elevate Webiplex (leading US Road team)

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Not every MTB rider chooses to go tubeless – and for those who prefer tubes, OKO has produced the strongest sealant available anywhere: it even copes with tubes’ biggest enemy, pinch flats.
X-Treme Dirt Bike, as the name suggests, is powerful enough to handle enduro, motocross and all types of off road motorbike – showing it’s more than strong enough for Mountain Bike needs. A water-based sealant, it will last as long as your tube.

X-Treme Dirt Bike Range.jpg

And what about the new breeds of road-going e-bikes, commuter bikes, cargo bikes, tourers, e-scooters, etc.?
Puncture Free Bike is the answer. In matched tests it proved superior in strength and staying power to other tube sealants, famous or otherwise. It is versatile and efficient: you require less product than with other leading brands. 
Are you using lightweight synthetic tubes, normally incompatible with sealant? Well, after comparative testing, Tubolito named Puncture Free Bike as the only sealant that it recommends.

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Backing the Wrong Horse?

A word on water-based and latex-based sealants: choose ‘horses for courses’. 

If you select the wrong product for your set-up, you will get poor results. If you see a ‘latex-free’ (i.e. water-based) sealant called ‘tubeless’ – it’s really not: they just don’t know how to make a proper tubeless sealant. 

Conversely, if you see a latex brand saying you can use it in tubes – you can, but don’t. It will dry out quickly and shorten your tube life, and it won’t seal as well in tubes as a water-based product. These are brands that don’t have a proper, tailored sealant, with an incomplete market coverage. 

Sizes to fit Everyone

Many sealants are limited to less-than-ideal sizes. The leading US brand is of course in fluid ounce bottles, and apart from the little 2oz/60ml top-up/repair size you must buy the big 16oz size that treats 2 bikes: their Race version, at a hefty premium, only comes in 32 oz, as if everyone has 4 bikes.

Magic Milk offers a 5-size range across both versions; Tubeless, and Hi-Fibre Race (at a sensible premium). The popular 250ml size is sensible – it treats one MTB – unless you have a fat bike…

The full range is –

  • 65ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1 litre for teams
  • 5 litre can - teams, service workshops

Injecting your Sealant

Many people copied Stan’s 60ml sealant injector: OKO found that inconveniently small, requiring 2 shots for most tyres. The unique OKO Injector delivers 150ml, covering nearly any bike tyre in one shot. 
For 5 litre cans, OKO rejected the inaccurate, environmentally-wasteful 10ml-30ml hand pumps. Each can comes with the injector, delivering the precise dose in one go. 

The OKO tyre sealant injector is also sold as a long-term retail product for riders. It also has potential uses for lubes etc.

The Magic Plug

Sometimes a horrible gash defeats even the best tubeless sealant (Magic Milk). The savvy rider carries a plug repair kit. These come in many guises and unnecessarily heavy packs. 

Magic Plug is a featherweight 1 ounce/28 gram kit with a chunky-handled tool plus 3.5mm and 1.5mm diameter sticky plugs, the ‘flat-fixing frankfurters’. It does the business and works with any sealant – and of course is ideal with Magic Milk. Refill packs of both plugs are available.

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