At the heart of the all-new Powerfly is a 250-watt off-road specific Bosch Performance CX motor with 75Nm of torque. The low-profile Purion display makes it easy to adjust the assistance level on the fly, and it also features an e-MTB mode that automatically adjusts to the terrain to optimise the level of assistance.

Each Powerfly model carries forward Trek's legacy of mountain bike innovation and ride quality, and is equipped with the same advanced frame and suspension technologies found on Trek mountain bikes. All Powerfly models are built from Alpha Platinum Aluminum and feature Boost148/110 hub spacing for stiff, strong wheels that can handle the extra power provided by the motor.

More riders, more adventure

Powerfly e-MTBs make the exhilaration of mountain biking more accessible to a wider audience, placing fun at the forefront of the experience and making climbs just as thrilling as flats and descents. With a full line of full-suspension and hardtail models, there's a Powerfly for every off-road rider.

The Powerfly range is competitively priced starting with the Powerfly 5 Hardtail at R55,999; the Powerfly 5 Full Suspension at R67,999, the Powerfly Full Suspension 7 at R76,999 and the Powerfly Full Suspension 9 at R85,999, available for a test-ride at a Trek e-bike retailer.

One powerful adventure

Professional mountain bikers Casey Brown and Anton Cooper went to the New Zealand back-country for a multi-day journey aboard Powerfly, Trek's electric mountain bike. Their one goal? Have a blast. Watch the video here.