Our main aim when developing our new wheelsets was to find the right balance between weight, width and durability for each wheelset and their intended use. The demands of modern mountain bikers are far higher than before due to the level at which riders are pushing their equipment and the technicality of race courses and trails. Riders are going faster, riding longer and pushing their limits and we wanted to offer wheels that could meet these demands and encourage confidence.



Pulse 25 Wheelset



The Pulse 25 Wheelset strikes the right balance between weight width and durability to improve the ride of your XC/Marathon bike.

Weigth vs Width


Efficiency is key when referring to XC/Marathon wheels, this is achieved by keeping weight down and distributing mass as close to the centre of the wheel as possible. Wide rims have shown to have multiple benefits including increased traction and tyre stability but are often heavier or suffer durability issues. The challenge is to create a balance between weight and width that doesn't compromise durability. We have opted to use a 25mm internal width for the Pulse 25 wheelset as it creates a stable platform for tyres up to 2,25” while still being lightweight and durable. The overall weight of 1580g ensures good acceleration and efficiency.


  • Intended Use: XC & Marathon
  • Internal Width: 25mm
  • External Width: 30mm
  • Weight: 29” Non-Boost 1580g / Boost 1649g
  • ETRTO: 622mm
  • ERD: 594.3mm
  • Rim Material: 6066 Alloy
  • Spoke Count: 28
  • Spoke Type: Pillar PSR TB 2016
  • Nipple: Alloy Double Square 2mm
  • Hub: Lyne JB01 Boost and Non-Boost options
  • Free Hub: Shimano/XD options, 30 Point (12°) Engagement

Price: R5,499 Available Online

Pulse 25 product video

AMP 30 Wheelset



The AMP 30 wheelset has just the right numbers to improve your ride. A durable package that was designed with weight in mind results in a stable yet playful trail wheelset.

Increase Tyre Stability & Traction


Unstable tyres are a thing of the past. The wider footprint of the AMP 30 wheelset sets a stable base for your tyres. This helps combat lateral forces that would typically cause tyre roll and burping. Predictability is key when pushing tyres to their limits and having a stable predictable wheelset makes all the difference.


  • Intended Use: Trail
  • Internal Width: 30mm
  • External Width: 34.5mm
  • Weight: 27,5”1695g , 29” 1775g
  • ETRTO: 584.1mm
  • ERD: 566.5mm
  • Rim Material: 6066 Alloy
  • Spoke Count: 32
  • Spoke Type: Pillar PSR TB 2016
  • Nipple: Alloy Double Square 2mm
  • Hub: Lyne JB01, F: 15X100mm, R: 12X142mm
  • Free Hub: Shimano/XD options, 30 Point (12°) Engagement

Price: R5499 Available Online

AMP 30 Product Video

Spoke and Hubs



Our wheels use Triple Butted Pillar PSR TB2016 spokes which are strong and lightweight. Pillar's PSR technology allows spokes to be up to 30% lighter without compromising strength. We have paired these with alloy double square nipples to ensure weight is kept to a minimum.

Lyne JB01 hubs are made by Chosen and are lightweight, serviceable and reliable. The sealed cartridge bearing design means bearings are protected from the elements and are easily replaced when worn. JB01 Hubs are available in boost and non-boost options with replaceable end caps to convert between Thru-Axle and QR.