cSixx FOAMO inserts help:
  • Prevent pinch flats
  • Protect your rims

It also assists with

  • Easier Tubeless setup
  • Non-Absorbant (won't suck up sealant)
  • Weighs >100grams

Our inserts provide a protective layer between your rim & tyre which helps prevent Pinch flat, damaged Rims and gives a dampened feel on harsh Impacts.


They also help with inflating your tubeless setup so you don't have to use a compressor (dependent on rim & tire combo).

Weighs in at just over 100 grams and don't worry it won't suck up your Stans!

Specification options:

Price: R295 per tyre. Buy here.

Wide size: For 2.25 - 2.4 tyres. Outer tyre measurement 56 mm - 61 mm.

X - Wide size: For 2.5 - 2.6 tyres. Outer tyre measurement 61 mm - 66 mm.



Double Decker
  • Available in Wide & X-Wide
  • For the more aggressive riders who are hucking into rock gardens or just want that extra peace of mind.