ccs-62657-0-16594200-1462537657.jpgTread Off Road.

ccs-62657-0-63349600-1462537655.jpgRacing Road.

ccs-62657-0-14385300-1462537656.jpgShifter Road.

ccs-62657-0-66189600-1462537656.jpgTraction Off Road.

ccs-62657-0-07234400-1462537655.jpgCrank R Off Road.

How long have you been around for and how many stores do you have?

Since 1936. We have two branches in Cape Town, being Claremont and Kenilworth

How big is your product range in cycling?

We stock something for all genres of cycling and all level of ability, for lifestyle and sports cyclists


Do you cater for beginners, intermediate or specialist cyclist?

Yes, we cater for all.

Do you cater for mainly road cyclist or for mountain bikers as well?

We are a comprehensive stores with plenty for roadies and mountain enthusiasts

What does your customer look for in a good cycling shoe?

Performance, comfort and style.


What do you think about the Olympic new cycling range?

Looks like a good value solid shoe.

Do you think Olympic cycling shoes offer value for money?


What is your company doing to promote cycling in South Africa?

We offer race support at several events throughout the calendar. We were the sweep vehicle for the popular Moon Light Mass monthly events, we engage with all those who visit us to ensure they are ready and kitted to be out there on their cycles.


Where can we find your stores?

67 Imam Haron Road , Claremont and 311 Main Road, Keniloworth