What’s with the name… ~Zeal~ Noun: Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. Our pursuit and objective is to zealously and consistently provide the highest level of service and offer the best brands and products available to our customers within a safe, secure, and exciting browsing and buying experience.

We are fanatical enthusiasts, riders and ambassadors for all the brands we promote, sell and service. Immersing ourselves in cycling and all the amazing people involved, from riders to distributors and other retailers we have created and built personal and professional relationships that have been paramount to us quickly building a loyal customer base and securing all the amazing brands and products we carry and sell.

With our vision, energy and zeal, we are confident in our product selection and the inclusion of ourselves in the South African online cycling market place. At the moment we are aiming squarely at the Trail and Gravity Mountain Biker who demands the best gear without compromise in performance, design or style while still having a little left in the wallet after checkout…

In the past, Trail and Gravity disciplines have had a significantly limited selection of products to choose from in South Africa and certainly not many online retailers or bricks and mortar stores for that matter carried a decent range of suitable products. As this is where our personal passions lie, it made sense to start there and evolve into the other disciplines as we grow which is the long term plan.

We are NOT a catalogue site – We physically hold stock of most of our products and keep our site updated continuously to ensure customers get exactly what they ordered. We hear of customers left disappointed with some other online retailers because after going through the complete checkout process they are later notified that the item is actually not in stock and in a lot of cases not even with the distributor. The customer is then offered a refund or an alternative which is a waste of time and admin for most customers who were just keen to get the goods they ordered. This applies to pricing too, when retailers don’t carry stock, they can “afford” to price their items significantly lower.


“Just some of our brands with more being added on the regular - There is no other online store and very few physical stores for that matter that have the range of dedicated trail and gravity brands and products available that we do”.

Because we hold stock we offer quick delivery which is a big factor when ordering online and if we don’t have it in stock, we can almost certainly order it in for you within a couple of days. Just like a walk in store we are available to our customers so they are welcome to call and we will offer advice on our products or make every effort to advise on or source whatever they require.

Our pricing is very competitive and on par if not cheaper than other retailers that actually carry stock and our shipping options mean more choice for whatever suits the customer’s needs. FREE standard delivery on orders over R1000, R99 Flat rate standard delivery, Next Day and Saturday delivery available and we accept special requests to help wherever we can so just call to discuss.

Why shop with us:

  • We are small dedicated team hell bent on providing the best customer experience ever – Just try us!
  • We are authorized dealers for all the brands and products we carry and sell.
  • We are NOT a catalogue site just hosting an agents or distributors whole catalogue - We actually hold stock of our products.
  • We are quick to respond to messages and emails and are on hand to take calls and return them ASAP if missed.
  • We are knowledgeable about the products we sell - They have all been hand-picked by us personally.
  • Everything we sell is authentic and in the original retail packaging.
  • Multiple delivery options to suit your needs: FREE standard delivery on orders over R1000, R99 Flat rate standard delivery, Next Day and Saturday delivery available by request, just call or email to discuss.

If you have never bought from us before, we look forward to being of service to you in the near future; we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve bought anything from us already, we promise to continue offering awesome brands, products and service and we thank you for the support so far.

Whatever you ride... Ride with ZEAL!