It’s super easy, all you need to do is stay tuned to our social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) over the race weekend and beyond and a goodie bag filled with some amazing stuff from our generous sponsors could be yours. Including:

  • Enjoy Reptilia Shorts & T-Shirt
  • THE U pOcpac
  • Duvel Beer & THE U Beer Glass
  • Specialized Water Bottle
  • THE U Versus Socks
  • EPT Recovery Experience
  • Bike Hub T-shirt & Socks
  • Vondeling Wine
  • Hope on Hopkins Gin

  • Fitch & Leedes Tonic
  • Thule Gift
  • Pura Soda
  • Cadence Gift Pack
  • Ass Magic Chamois Cream
  • MiWater
  • Land Rover Gift
  • Truth Coffee
  • Namgear Travel Pack

Prologue Preview

Not sure exactly what you are missing out on, or what sort of amazing posts to look forward to, check out the Wild Air Prologue Preview here:

And if you are riding

Of course, if you are riding, there are great prizes up for grabs too, for the racing snakes, and for those less pace inclined:

For the racing snakes: The Venturescapes Segment Challenge will have a Strava Segment on both Episode 1 and Episode 2. There are equal prizes (R2500ea) on offer each day for the winning man and woman. Episode 1 will feature the Ossewa Pass climb, while Episode 2 will give the white-knuckle gang something to gun for on the Suicide Run. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more info.

If you are not about to climb the 3.55km Ossewa Pass with its 422m ascent and whopping 30% gradient in some sections in under 23 minutes, or fly down Suicide Run in under 3:30, then stick to the beer.

Oh, and good beer it is too. Belgian! We’re super stoked to announce The Belgian Beer Company as our sponsor this year. As part of their involvement, you can win with La Chouffe. All you have to do is ‘find Uee’… Uee is Marcel - the most fearless of all dwarfs - equally fearless South African cousin. The mountain biking cousin. Marcel couldn’t make it to this year’s instalment because he’s too busy in the brewery riding his unicycle. But if you spot Uee out there post a photo on any of your social media channels and tag #foundUee. Some super tasty La Chouffe products could be yours.

T-minus four days. Hope you’re as psyched as we are.