Food Lover’s Market is the official food sponsor of the FNB Wines2Whales. Not only will we be making sure that all the riders are fuelled up on the most delicious and nutritious food, but we will also be giving other MTB enthusiasts the chance to ride their way into a 2014 W2W Ride team entry!

Click here to enter.

Show us that you’ve got the chops to handle one of SA’s most exciting MTB stage races! All you need to do is log in through STRAVA (Free GPS activity tracker) and get training!

There are 3 different categories and a team entry up for grabs in each category:

1. Distance covered – clock up as many kilometres on your bike as humanely possible! You can use a road bike, but just remember there are no road bikes at W2W so train on the right bike!

2. Calories burnt – blaze through as many calories as you can without evaporating! Remember to eat a healthy balanced diet in conjunction with your training. There will be no power in your legs if you haven’t fuelled up first!

3. Hours on bike – rack up those hours! You may not be the fastest or the lightest, but perseverance and determination will win this category!


Questions and Answers:

1. What dates is the contest running?

Competition dates are 19 August 2014 - 18 September 2014. Only cycling activities logged during these dates will be included.

2. Are all my Strava activities included?

Only cycling activities that are not marked as "Private" in Strava will be included. Additionally any manually input activities will be excluded as these figures cannot be verified.

3. How will you monitor strava, isn't it quite easy to cheat?

In addition to the measures above and Strava's built in flagging features, we'll also verify the activities of the various category winners before finalising the results.

4. Can I log my gym bike workout as a session?

You can log stationary bike sessions, however this would have to be recorded by a device (Smartphone, Heart Rate Monitor or GPS). No manually input activities will be included in your total.

Note that these activities will only contribute towards your total duration and calories (device dependant), but not distance is it cannot be consistently measured across different trainers and stationary bikes.

5. What happens if a person wins more than one category?

In the event of someone winning more than one category the prize will go to the next eligible competitor that is closest in either category measured by the percentage of the category winner's result within each category.

6. If I join this competition late will it pick up my previous workouts?

Yes, all past workouts which meet the criteria outlined earlier and fall in the competition period will be automatically imported even if you join up late.