Well done Disylizzy!

Some insight on the spirit of the competition

The competition and voting process has been a topic of some debate in the latest voting thread.

The idea of the Photo of the Day feature and monthly competition is to showcase great moments captured by Hubbers. These need not be professional shots with perfect lighting or composition, but that's not to say they couldn't be either.

It's about capturing cycling moments and each image is considered in this spirit rather than a critical review of the technique and quality.

E.g. That "about to eat dirt" photo which captures a panic stricken face (like today's Photo of the Day) is a great catch. Its a moment and feeling that many can relate to and doesn't require perfect composition or lighting to convey this.

On the flip side a sunrise or sunset over your favourite trail would need to be a pretty great shot (good light, colour, not grainy) to really convey the feeling in that moment.

When it comes to the voting process the intention is for Hubbers to select their favourite on a similar basis. It will often be the case where people will choose friend's image, and this is why we have made it so people need to choose three images instead of one. We could leave the decision down to a panel of judges, but we think that it would draw away from the nature of the competition, where it is Hubbers going out and enjoying riding their bikes or enjoying cycling in general.

So we leave it to you to decide. We have tried to make it as fair and as straight forward as possible and have appreciated the feedback, so keep it coming.

Also, don't forget to keep submitting photos! Just because your photo isn't chosen immediately, doesn't mean it won't be.