“SmartSense is designed to make road riding more enjoyable for experienced riders, more inviting for new riders and more convenient for everyone,” says David Devine, Cannondale Global Senior Director of Product. “To compliment SmartSense, we redesigned the highly celebrated Cannondale Synapse to be even more versatile than its predecessors. The result of pairing these two products is a seamless relationship between rider, bike and road.” 

Cannondale’s commitment to innovation and 50 years of cycling credibility were aimed at creating an unprecedented level of confidence and convenience with the introduction of the new Synapse and SmartSense. Each element of the two products was developed to improve every part of a ride. 


SmartSense is an intelligent system of lights and radar that actively communicates with the rider, bike, and surroundings, powered by a single battery. Even before the first pedal, users can engage with SmartSense through the Cannondale app where they will have a broad selection of settings to customize their ride experience. The settings are designed to provide enhanced awareness while also creating heightened visibility so the rider can more effectively see and be seen.  


Once desired customizations have been applied, a spin of the front wheel, outfitted with a Cannondale wheel sensor, initiates an ongoing chain of communication across all the available SmartSense touch points. 

  • Garmin Varia Radar: Constantly scans for rear approaching traffic and can signal the speed, distance, and number of cars through audible and visual alerts on the Cannondale app or the bike’s display unit. The Garmin Radar is also compatible with other popular head units.   
  • Lezyne Front and Rear Daytime Running Lights: The front light improves visibility for oncoming traffic to help the rider be seen. The rear light, with an optional brake alert function, provides added awareness behind the rider. Both lights can adjust brightness to accommodate limited or changing daylight, or signal oncoming rear traffic and hard braking. 
  • Garmin Varia Core Battery: A single power source eliminates the need to charge multiple batteries and helps avoid the risk of riding ill-equipped. The battery can also be used as a USB-C charging source when it’s disconnected from the bike’s cradle. 
  • Cannondale Wheel Sensor: Pairs Synapse with the Cannondale app and automatically activates SmartSense with a spin of the front wheel. 

The streamlined SmartSense ecosystem allows riders to truly appreciate every ride with peace of mind by reducing distractions and increasing awareness. With its centralized system and single power source, SmartSense is an essential part of an easy and efficient routine.




Introduced 15 years ago as the first carbon road frame in its lineup, Cannondale established the endurance bike category with Synapse. This well-rounded road bike embodies the fusion of performance, comfort, and versatility with the ability to tackle a variety of terrains.


“Synapse is the perfect bike to introduce SmartSense,” says Devine. “It has a comfortable rider position, engineering that helps smooth the roads and now it has the added confidence and awareness of the SmartSense system.” 

The new Synapse offers a noticeably improved ride feel, something that has made it a fan favorite for years. This version has 8% increased compliance, or how much the bike chassis vertically flexes beneath a rider to absorb bumps and vibrations on the road. The increased compliance, matched with a sporty, more upright riding position provides the smoothest Synapse ride yet. 

The new Synapse doesn’t sacrifice performance. It’s designed to go faster with less effort. Thanks to learnings applied from the Cannondale SystemSix—the world’s fastest road bike—Synapse is speedier than its predecessor. With improved aerodynamics, Synapse is at home flattening climbs or setting the pace at the weekend group ride. 


Cannondale’s applied Proportional Response ensures riders get the best performance out of their bike, regardless of their height. Proportional Response is Cannondale’s unique size-specific design applied to every Cannondale bike. To do this, Cannondale adjusts the bike’s geometry, construction, stiffness and steering characteristics, based on rider size and their varying center of gravity. 

With a fine-tuned ride experience, Synapse is ready for all-day road adventure. Designed with everything from paved roads to rail trails and the surfaces in between in mind, Synapse has the ability to accommodate tires up to 35mm. For those long days exploring off the beaten path, it comes with mounts for a top bag mounts for two water bottles.  

“Cycling is for everyone and Synapse with SmartSense is a perfect example of Cannondale bringing that to life,” adds Devine. 

The all-new Synapse will be available in 4 carbon models, sizes 48 - 61. SmartSense will be featured on carbon models 1, 2, and 3 with a selection of radar, lights and electronic shifting denoted by R, L and E in the model name. Synapse retails for $2,400 - $9,000. 



2022 Cannondale Synapse Geometry.png