NEU·RON [ˈnjʊərɒn]

Just like how nerve cells act as bridges between cells in the body, the Neuron connects you with nature–making for an intense riding experience. The comfortable geometry, smart kinematics and high-grade componentry all combine to deliver a truly special ride. Glide to the summit of every mountain, and then descend with total confidence.



With regards to our design language, we’ve made a big step forward with this year’s Neuron. With its clean lines and sleek finish we’ve brought the look in line with the other bikes in our full-suspension range. Now, in terms of both form and function, the Neuron now fits perfectly between the Lux, our cross-country race bike, and the Spectral trail bike.


Bearing Concept

To keep you on the trail the whole year round, the Neuron comes equipped with long-life industrial-grade bearings with double-lip seals, and a specially formulated grease that repels water and dirt more effectively than standard lubricants. The main pivot – subject to especially high loads – is completely enclosed by additional x-ring seals, and is also protected by a screw-on cap, keeping dirt and moisture well away. The main pivot is also asymmetrical, with two bearings on the drive side to cope with higher loads due to chain tension.


Cable Channel

Internal cable routing results in a clean, refined look while also protecting cables from dirt and water. To make mainte- nance as simple as possible, we’ve integrated a plastic cable channel into the down tube, which protects the frame from flying stones and ground impacts, and allows the cables to be swapped out quickly. Individual parts of the cable chan- nel are also simple to replace if required.


Impact Protection Unit

The Impact Protection Unit (IPU) – designed and patented by Canyon–protects the top tube from being damaged by the brake or gear levers in the event of a crash or because of hits sustained during transport. When hit hard, the IPU’s hollow screws are designed to break and absorb the impact, leaving the top tube unharmed. The IPU can be replaced if needed.



The Quixle, developed by Canyon, combines the stiffness of a through axle with the ease-of-use of a quick-release. Through axles are more resistant to high braking forces and, due to their larger diameter, more resistant to tor- sional force than conventional axles. This allows you to apply more braking force through the axle and wheels, for more control when you really need it. Working with the Quixle is simple–to remove the wheels, simply pull the integrated lever out of the axle, and turn. Furthermore, the Quixle provides a clean look on the trail, as when the wheels are mounted, the lever completely disappears within the axle.


Full Carbon Frame

The Neuron CF combines robust carbon fibre frame construction with a level of componentry unique on a carbon bike at this price point. The shock extension – the central element of the integrated frame design – is manufactured from fibre-reinforced engineering plastic using advanced injection moulding techniques. This allows for a unique design and excellent durability: which we’ve proven with extensive computer testing, and in the lab. Furthermore, additional metal inserts increase the lifespan of the bearings and shock mounts.



We made big progress when developing the suspension concept for our downhill bike, the Sender. We’ve since introduced it on our trail bike, the Spectral, and our cross-country race bike, the Lux – and now we’ve adapted and brought it over to the Neuron CF, too. The horizontal linkage and the new position of the four pivot points of the rear suspension increase sensitivity and traction, for a stable yet playful ride.

Triple Phase Suspension

The triple-phase suspension system was originally developed for the Sender, our downhill bike, and then introduced to our trail bike, the Spectral. We’ve now brought it to the Neuron CF, and tuned it for optimal performance with 29-inch wheels, for maximum performance throughout the suspension stroke.


PHASE 1: The precise positioning of the four suspension pivot points and rear shock provides outstanding sensitivity and responsiveness at the start of the stroke.

PHASE 2: Through the mid-stroke, at around the sag point, the shock provides a stable platform, letting the rider put maximum power through the pedals, and exit corners with more speed.

PHASE 3: The end of the stroke ramps up progressively, so you only use all 130 mm of travel when absolutely required– meaning that the suspension works with max efficiency and can always provide that little extra right when you need it most. The result: a stable ride that inspires confidence even on tough descents.


The horizontally mounted shock and precise kinematics improve the way the bike reacts to small bumps, and allow a lower stand-over height for more freedom of movement. Furthermore, the new linkage reduces wear on the bearings, increasing their lifespan–and the high anti-squat allows for rapid acceleration and efficient pedalling. The rear end remains active and in contact with the ground under heavy braking, for exceptional traction and control when they're needed the most.


We specially adapted frames in XS and S to work with smaller, lighter riders, by equipping shocks that are smaller, and more sensitive at the start of the stroke, but still retain that bottomless feeling at the end.


The Neuron’s balanced geometry delivers sporty handling without sacrificing on comfort – a balance that will leave you wanting more after shorter and longer rides alike. 29- inch wheels and a slacker head angle (67.5 degrees in size M) make for a stable ride and inspire confidence on the descents, so you’ll perform better every time you jump on the saddle.

On the smaller frames, we were able to further reduce the stand-over height by lowering the top tube and bottom bracket, resulting in precise handling and a low centre of gravity. What’s more, to ensure you don’t run out of juice during that epic adventure in the mountains, the horizontally mounted shock leaves room for a bottle cage with a large bottle from frame size M upwards.

The Neuron’s frame tube diameter is proportional to the frame size, so larger, longer frames retain their stiffness, while smaller frames are now lighter. On the smaller frames (XS and S), we reduced the height of the down tube by 3 mm, and in XL, we increased it by 7 mm–increasing stiffness by 23 %. Now, riders of all sizes get the frame stiffness they need, without carrying any extra weight.

Frames in XS and S come with 27.5-inch wheels, and M, L and XL sizes feature 29-inch wheels – so everyone can achieve that ideal, sporty-yet-comfortable riding position. And in all sizes we’ve tweaked the top tube length, chainstay length and head angle to keep you in an optimal, central position on the bike.

27.5 or 29 Inch

The Neuron CF combines a robust full carbon fibre frame construction with a level of componentry unique on a carbon bike at this price point. The shock extension – the central element of the integrated frame design–is manufactured from fibre-reinforced engineering plastic using advanced injection moulding techniques. This allows for a unique design and excellent durability: which we’ve proven with extensive testing in the lab. Furthermore, additional metal inserts increase the lifespan of the bearings.

Size Matters

When developing the Neuron CF, one of our aims was to make the bike’s character as similar as possible across all models and frame sizes–while making the bike work perfectly for riders of all sizes.

To achieve this consistency, we’ve fitted frame-size specific handlebars and stems. And bikes in sizes XS and S – with 27.5” wheels – are fitted with forks for 29” wheels.

This allowed us to avoid having big differences in handling behaviour across different sizes, which can be caused by varying frame heights and different wheel sizes.




As the little brother of the award-winning Spectral:ON, the Neuron:ON features 130 mm of travel, 29-inch wheels and a range of clever design details. The semi-integrated frame design makes changing the battery a matter of seconds. Developed for touring, this e-mountain bike expands your trail-riding horizons. Thanks to the sporty, comfortable geometry and the powerful Shimano Steps E8000 system, you will redefine your limits. Explore endless trails in the most remote mountains. Overcome limits. Face new adventures. With our brand new E-MTB Neuron:ON, you will experience mountain biking on a whole new level.

Canyon NeuronON 7.0

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