“I am happy to say that my bottom has found a match with the Monte,” says the legendary French mountain bike rider who has signed with fi’zi:k to ride Monte saddles for the next three years.

Cedric Gracia’s career has graced most major disciplines of mountain bike competition. He’s best known for Downhill, 4X, and most recently Enduro, with his own team CG Racing Brigade – but he’s also succeeded in top-level Freeride and Slopestyle competitions. Gracia is applauded worldwide for his riding style, bravery, sense of fun and his individual approach to bikes, riding and racing, and he’s a great addition to the fi’zi:k fraternity. “A world-famous winner of the stature of Cedric is something we’re delighted to announce,” says fi’zi:k’s Marketing & Racing Manager NicolòIldos. “What he brings to the party is a massive amount of experience and knowledge, and an amazing character. We’re proud that Cedric Gracia has chosen fi’zi:k Monte saddles.”

ccs-62657-0-00400800-1460650662.jpgMonte K:ium

ccs-62657-0-57870700-1460650676.jpgMonte Manganese

Winning around the world

Gracia has won and podium’d races and series around the world. He’s respected for his technical riding skill – learned from an early age in BMX, developed in Downhill and polished in Enduro racing, where he’s perfected his line choice and balance, along with the ability to move around and off the back of the saddle through technical terrain, carrying race-winning speed through the toughest courses. Part of Gracia’s success is down to his bravery – fast runs, big jumps – and some big crashes (including a famous, and very frightening off on Reunion Island, where Cedric broke his pelvis and severed his right femoral artery, an injury from which he was fortunate to escape with his life). Cedric is an exhibitionist, with an unconventional style – which many fans have enjoyed at the races or in movies, including the infamous New World Disorder series.

He is also a true individual: never afraid to buck trends and go his own way, insisting on running a coil shock when the rest of the pack chose gas, or pushing the 29in wheel format for DH when the traditionalists tutted.

Meeting Monte

His associations with great teams including Volvo-Cannondale, Siemens-Cannondale, Commencal-Oakley, Santa Cruz and CG Racing Brigade cement his place as a rider and as a character in the last two decades of top-level MTB competition. Cedric brings a huge amount of talent combined with a vast amount of experience. He’s ridden every style, everywhere in every condition – and has been a winner throughout his career – in Enduro World Cup Downhill, Slopestyle, at Crankworx, in Urban DH events and even at the mighty Red Bull Rampage.

What Cedric doesn’t know about testing and proving vital components such as contact points isn’t worth knowing. And that’s why we’re delighted he has chosen Monte.

“Just a few words to explain my beginning with my new friend the fi’zi:k Monte saddle: it might make some people laugh, but for me the saddle is really important piece of the bike,” says Cedric Gracia.
“Riding Enduro with your friend or racing can be a beautiful day – or it could be one of your worst days if your saddle is not what you want. I am happy to say than my bottom has found a match with the Monte!”

ccs-62657-0-54831800-1460650651.jpgMonte K:ium

ccs-62657-0-43260600-1460650670.jpgMonte Manganese

About Monte

Monte is fi’zi:k’s MTB saddle designed and developed specially for Enduro. It benefits from much of the research, development, technology and manufacturing processes of fi’zi:k’s other MTB and highly successful road racing saddles, and develops them further for the specific demands of Enduro riding and racing.

Need more technical information?

Please see the accompanying Technical Sheet for more information about the design, inspiration, materials and specifications of the MONTE range.


Monte K:ium – Suggested Retail Price €119,00
Monte Manganese – Suggested Retail Price €79,00


Monte K:ium – 230g
Monte Manganese – 245g