As with any new product announcement, a typical response from a customer who's needs aren't met by the new product is "that is great, but what about ....". After our recent release of the 110 BCD Shimano compatible 4-bolt chainrings, the resounding feedback from Gravel Grinders, All/Any Roaders, and CXers was "where are the Ellptical CX rings?" Well, here they are only a few weeks later. Wolf Tooth prides itself on being nimble and responsive to our customers needs, and these are the case in point. These Elliptical CX rings were certainly on our product roadmap, but were bumped to top priority 6 weeks ago...and went from "lets do it" to shipping in those 6 weeks!

These new Elliptcal 1x chainrings, like our other round and Elliptical rings, are beautifully machined in Minneapolis, Minnesota from hard-wearing 7075-T6 aluminum and take advantage of Wolf Tooth’s patent-pending Drop-Stop® tooth profile for unrivaled chain retention and mud shedding. As with the round 110 BCD 5- bolt rings, they are designed to be mounted in either the inner or outer position of a 110 BCD 5-bolt crankset depending on what provides the best chainline for a given bike.

Wolf Tooth Drop-Stop® Ellptical 5-Bolt 110 BCD chainrings are now available in black for $78.95. Complimentary US-made single-ring-specific 6mm chainring bolt sets are also available in eight colors.

And as a teaser, the new product hopper is full with 2 more elliptical lines only weeks away!