The new E*Thirteen TRS+ cassette boasts a 9-46T spread with a 511% range.

Their latest edition is an updated version of the popular 11-speed TRS+ 9-44T to allow it to join the ranks with its bigger brother the TRSr 9-46T cassette by adopting the same range. It now also boasts a 9-46T with a 511% range, but what makes it really stand out is that it’s a lot more cost effective. Given the political back alley punch-ups and yo-yo Rand, this is great news because why should you have to sacrifice such range because someone in parliament opened their mouth?

Add to this the ability to replace only the worn section of the cassette when the inevitable time comes will have your wallet silently clapping. Depending on your riding style, if you are a hard gear crunching dynamo who eats up the flat sections at 56km/h, you would probably need to replace the lower steel (9-28T) section first. If you are the rider that likes to casually spin up the climbs in the easy gears, it’s likely the last 3 aluminum gears will be the first to be replaced. Either way, you only need to replace that section and not a whole new cassette.

The top and bottom sections of the cassette can be replaced independently as they wear.

You also don’t need to change your existing 11-speed drivetrain (wallet still clapping in background). The lower pricing is possible thanks to reworked machining of the cassette which takes less time to produce. A smidgen heavier than the TRSr, the TRS+ still weighs only 339g which makes it lighter than its nearest competitors by a fair bit and still having more range.

A cheaper and lighter alternative must have a compromise? Well, not necessarily it seems as the performance enhancements also need to be factored. In this case, bigger is not really better and the advantages of a compact drivetrain are actually, well, big.

A shorter chain would save weight and a shorter derailleur would allow for more rock clearance and other pesky obstacles that seem to run amok around the trails.

The 9T also allows for smaller front chainrings which would improve the ground clearance, given the current trend of bikes getting longer, lower and slacker, this is worth considering.



While every generation of cassettes improves and lessons are learnt, E*Thirteen have also opted for the same bushing system as used by the TRSr to avoid any possible creaking.

While sometimes things happen and maybe the ugly creak appears, there is an efficient warranty system behind it all, thankfully, to keep your pedals turning. Best of all, the cassette is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 5 years after original purchase.