Garmin Edge 520

With the Edge 520, Garmin did away with the touch screen found on the previous 510 model in favour of side buttons. The device is also noticeably smaller than the 510.

Garmin Edge 520.jpg

On launch of the Edge 520 the big news was the inclusion of the Strava Live Segments feature (now available on a number older devices through a firmware upgrade) which allows you to follow your Strava segment achievements while riding. You will need a premium Strava membership but the device does come with a 3 month trial offer to test it out.

We’ll be riding Lesotho Sky with this device, giving us a great opportunity to test out the units route navigational abilities.

The Garmin Edge 520 suggested retail price is R6,099.

Thule Round Trip Transition

The Thule RoundTrip Transition is the Rolls-Royce of bike travel boxes. I say that because it’s big, strong and weighs a lot.

Thule RoundTrip Transition case.jpg

The Transition is for the serious bike traveller. The hard case is made from a very robust feeling plastic. The aluminium frame that holds the bike in place inside the case can be removed to become a fully capable workstand. Wheels go into their own bags and placed into the case.

Thule RoundTrip Transition inside.jpg

Thule RoundTrip Transition stand.jpg

Inside the case, the bike mounts onto an aluminium rack which fits QR axles and, with adaptors, 15mm and 20mm thru axles. The Transition house bikes with a wheelbase up to 116.8 cm, which could be a problem for the new generation of long downhill and trail mountain bikes hitting the market.

Although the Transition appears to be a bombproof solution, there is a downside. The case weighs in at 15.8 kgs and is rather large. We’re interested to see how this impacts our use of the case, especially for air travel.

Leatt Airflex Pro

The Airflex range is Leatt’s first level of protection for your knees and elbows. Although not as heavy duty as bulkier pads, the Airflex promises sufficient protection for most XC and trail riders while remaining comfortable for long periods of time and exceeds CE certification standards for impact.

Leatt Airflex Pro knee.jpg

The secret to the flexibility and thinness of the Airflex is Armourgel. Armourgel is a non Newtonian gel that locks up the molecules and becomes hard on impact.

Leatt Airflex elbow.jpg

For 2016 Leatt are introducing the Airflex Pro knee guard. It features additional protection above and on the sides of the knee over the standard Airflex.

We’ve already done some testing with these guards, including some big falls. So watch out for the full review in the coming weeks.