Ryder Slyder Storage System

The Ryder Slyder is a plastic base which can be fitted pretty much anywhere you might mount a bottle cage. This base is smartly designed to accommodate slide-on sleeves which can house two 16g or two 25g CO2 canisters or a combination of either with a Slug Plug.

The plastic sleeves not only provide easily accessible on-bike storage for ready-to-use CO2 canisters, but also protect your fingers from the inevitable freeze during use.

The sleeve slides onto the base plate easily, but lock into place securely once loaded with a canister or Slug Plug. For on bike storage that lets you unload pockets and replace those fiddly old metal canister holders, the Ryder Slyder is a no-brainer.

It is worth noting that the design might not fit all frame tube shapes (e.g. flat, wide tubes) and may require a spacer or alternative placement.

Price: R120



Ryder Nut cracker

The Nut Cracker is the sort of tool you think you'll never need, until you do. On the one end there is a tubeless rim nut remover which can accommodate a range of diameters. If you have ever battled a tight lock nut on the trail side to pop in a tube, you'll know this little guy will come in handy. The inner section of the "jaws" is a valve core tool to remove or tighten a core.

Additionally, within the plastic body of the tool, a spare core is housed. Again, if you've been stuck in the middle of nowhere with a blocked/broken/lost valve core, this might just be a life saver (or at least a day saver).

On the reverse end of the tool is a disc pad spreader. What it does lack is the sort of safe capsule stowage as we see on the Slug Plug.

Price: R100

Ryder Slug Plug

We're no stranger to the Slug Plug and even as a stand-alone tool we found it to be an incredibly neat solution to a problem mountain bikers have worked around for far too long. It is super compact and provides safe storage for an essential, but pointy tool. The ability to pre-load a "slug", keep it clean and avoid it drying out is great for quick fixes on the trail or race route.

With the Slyder system, the Slug Plug becomes even more accessible and can be stashed alongside the CO2 canister you'll likely need in a tyre emergency.

Price: R80

Within the Ryder Innovation line-up and Slyder eco-system, we're seeing some thoughtful, innovative, and well-priced products in a space that doesn't often get much attention. We're keen to see what else the Ryder Innovation stable has up their sleeves.