• 15QR x 110 Boost and 15QR x 100 Kabolt axle options
  • 27.5” and 29” wheel options
  • 100mm travel
  • FIT4 and FIT GRIP three position damper for improved control
  • Lockout for increased efficiency
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat
  • Gloss Orange, Matte Black, Gloss White

32 SC Chassis Design

The distinct shape of the lower leg design isn’t just for looks. The 32 Step-Cast (SC) chassis uses a narrow stance to save weight and the step design makes room for the spokes and brake rotor. The 32 SC features 32 mm upper tubes and ample bushing overlap for a quality ride and the hollowed out lower legs provide even more weight savings.
  • 120mm upper tube spacing (32 model uses 130mm)
  • Max tire size 2.3”
  • Max rotor size: 27.5”- 180mm, 29” – 203mm
  • Rake: 27.5” – 44mm, 29” – 44mm or 51mm

Production fork weights (165mm steerer tube with star nut installed and Kabolt axle):

  • 32 SC 27.5 100mm = 1,355g - 225g less than MY16 32
  • 32 SC 29 100mm = 1,360g - 255g less than MY16 32

4th Generation Fit Damper

FOX Isolated Technology: Our patented closed cartridge system now in its fourth generation, was first developed in 2004

Superior damping performance

  • Upgraded to our proven FIT RC2 10mm shaft architecture
  • 10mm shaft provides more oil flow through the base valve
  • Dual circuit rebound allows more controlled return from hard hits and quicker recovery from successive impacts
  • 32 SC-specific cartridge design and damping tune

FIT4 Damper Adjuster Options

3-position on-the-fly adjustment – Open, Medium, Firm

Fine tuning in Open mode with wide range low-speed compression adjuster – 22 clicks

Forks with optional remote will retain fine tuning in Open mode with wide range low-speed compression adjuster – 22 clicks

FIT Grip

Inspired from moto, the new GRIP damper uses our FIT sealed cartridge technology combined with a coil-sprung, independent floating piston.

GRIP allows excess oil to purge through specially designed ports at the top of the damper to maintain consistent damping and increase durability.

Performance Series forks provide Open, Medium, and Firm modes with additional micro-adjust between settings.

Float Air Spring

Self-equalizing positive/negative air spring

  • Utilizes our patented FLOAT shock transfer port technology, first introduced in our circa 1999 FLOAT shock
  • Smoother performance with reduced friction
  • Less vibration feedback through handlebar

Highly tunable with air volume spacers

  • Adjust the amount of mid stroke and bottom out resistance


United States Pricing

32 SC Factory FIT4 $889 USD
32 SC Factory FIT4 Remote $969 USD
32 SC Factory FIT iRD $1,569 USD
32 SC Performance FIT GRIP $619 USD