Team SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing let us into their camp to reveal what they take along on a typical stage of the Absa Cape Epic.

A view from the top: Some of the seldom seen elements for success at SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing.


Yes, that's a saddle bag - a Topeak Weatherproof Dynawedge to be precise. Fitted to none other than XCO World and Olympic Champ Nino Schurter's bike. Not something you'd see the team sporting in an XCO, but at the Cape Epic the riders need to be self sufficient. This pouch houses a spare Maxxis tube, with a little extra room to slot in other small items.


ccs-2-0-24234600-1490341609.jpgThis Topeak Mini 20 Pro multitool is not shy of tools. With 23 functions it sports allen wrenches up to 10mm, T10 & T25 Torx wrenches, screw drivers, spoke wrenches, emergency tire levers, and a chain tool. Oh, and a bottle opener for good measure.
ccs-2-0-42071900-1490341604.jpgThe team also carry a pump along, mounted in the conventional spot adjacent to the bottle cage. This Peak DX II from Topeak is designed for mountain biking and adds just 155 grams.

ccs-2-0-08824600-1490341606.jpgScott's MTB RC shoes are their top end model, designed for stiffness through the carbon outsole and light weight. It fastens using two Boa IP1 systems.

ccs-2-0-14645000-1490344795.jpgProtecting their heads is the Scott Centric Plus helmet. It's an aerodynamic, yet well vented helmet which features MIPS for added safety.


Keeping it simple: CO2 canister with the Topeak adapter attached, wrapped in some duct tape which secures a few cable ties - both of which can prove very useful for mechanical quick fixes.

ccs-2-0-34738100-1490341770.jpgA spare chain link is neatly tucked beneath the Garmin mount straps.


Swiss Sports Nutrition brand SPONSER provide sustenance during the racing. We spotted their High Energy bar, a tube of Liquid Energy gel, Energy Gums and Electrolyte Tablets.

ccs-2-0-75477100-1490341607.jpgOakley EVZero Shades

ccs-2-0-51447500-1490341599.jpgGoPro Hero Session

ccs-2-0-91410900-1490341747.jpgGarmin Edge 1000

ccs-2-0-78324600-1490341768.jpgA Sahmurai Sword tyre plug tool tucked neatly into the crank axel.

ccs-2-0-84719700-1490341597.jpgAnother Sahmurai Sword to be packed in a pocket.