The recently launched Slyder-4UP doubles up on the storage capacity versus the original "2UP" Slyder we had a look at in 2019. Off the shelf you'll get a Slyder-4UP system including 2 x CO2 canister sleeves (along with a 16G Ryder CO2 canister) and two smaller sleeves complete with a tyre lever set and a Slug Plug tool (including a case of plugs).

The base is built on rail system which can be mounted pretty much anywhere you'd put a water bottle cage. For ease of access and aesthetics the down tube is the most logical mount point. The package also includes additional spacers which allow you to fit the Slyder to a range of tube shapes (e.g. flat frames vs. rounded frames).



The CO2 canister holders are removable which means you have some extra protection from the inevitable freeze that comes with using the CO2 canister. If you want to save some weight and only use two of the slots, for say just the tyre plug and CO2 canister, the 4up gives you this option. Each of the sleeves is easy to detach and snaps back into place remaining secure when you ride.


The Slug Plug is super easy to use and the design allows you to keep the plug loaded in the tool. So you aren’t left scrambling to find a plug while all the air escapes from your tyre. The cap also means you're not at risk of impaling yourself or your bike's paintwork with an exposed sharp tool.

The Ryder Slyder-4UP is a simple but smart storage system for your bike giving you peace of mind while out riding, knowing that you have all the spares you need to get going again should you run into issues.