NeosTrack GPS Technologies

NeosTrack is Giant’s FIrst GPS computer to offer both navigation and training functions. Compatible with all training accessories, including power meters, heart rate straps, speed/cadence sensors, and smart trainers, NeosTrack offers everything pro racers like Team Sunweb and serious cyclist need.


Di2 Compatibility

NeosTrack provides Di2 support function for Dura-Ace 9150, Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 Di2, and Ultegra 6770, allowing you to see Di2 information including real-time gearing ratios and combinations. A Di2 battery level indicator is on your computer screen so you always know how much power you have and when it’s time to recharge. Another great function is that you can scroll through your NeosTrack screen views using the remote buttons built into the Di2 shifters.
  • Compatible with Dura-Ace Di2 9150/9070 and Ultegra Di2 6870/6770
  • Displays Di2 real-time gearing ratios and combinations on the screen
  • Displays Di2 battery level indicator on the screen
  • Easy scroll screen views using Di2 shifters
  • SRAM eTap/ FSA WE E-shifting compatibility launches at the end of 2017




FTP/LTHR TrainSmart

Including LTHR/FTP test protocol and To Plan function, TrainSmart function allows tracking your physical condition and customizing your workouts based on the desired result. Train like a pro with TrainSmart.
  • Pre-programmed workouts to test MHR/LTHR/FTP/MAP value
  • Detail plan your workout via FTP, MAP, MHR, LTHR or HR value to create specific intervals to guide your training.

Sync and Share

Auto sync with NeosTrack for analysis of ride data or connect automatically with TrainingPeaks and STRAVA to get in-depth training data evaluation, including power analysis results. Know your peak performance levels and enhance your training plan. Record every ride experience and share your rides with friends.
  • Auto sync to NeosTrack app, TrainingPeaks, STRAVA
  • Future Plan: provides TrainingPeaks classes for direct use on NeosTrack.

Follow routes

Let NeosTrack become your cycling guide. Create a new route or upload .gpx files directly to the NeosTrack computer and start riding to follow the designated route. NeosTrack will provide all ride information, including turn-by-turn instructions, overall route information and total elevation gains to help reach your cycling goals.




Three ways to get route information:
  1. Create a new route via NeosTrack app or website.
  2. Use previous routes from ride history.
  3. Download .gpx files to NeosTrack to follow.

Giant NeosTrack App

Ride with the all new Giant NeosTrack GPS computers and enjoy seamless synchronization with NeosTrack app to view ride data, graphical analysis, and auto sync with TrainingPeaks or STRAVA to get further analysis. The Plan Route function provides turn-by-turn instructions while riding and you can also share your ride data with social media. Ride with NeosTrack and achieve your cycling goals.

NeosTrack GPS - Track and Train

Combine navigation and training functions. Giant NeosTrack is designed to meet the specific training needs of performance-oriented cyclists. The follow tracks function offers all route information during your ride, while providing turn-by-turn instruction so you won’t get lost. And for those looking to improve fitness, the unique train smart function auto syncs with TrainingPeak to provide valuable training performance and analysis.


Quick Start: High-sensitivity GPS receiver quickly locates satellites
Easy Setup: Five intuitive keys with simple indicators and user-friendly UI
Navigation: Plan a trip using the NeosTrack app with info for distance and turn-by-turn directions
Group Ride: Plan a group ride using the NeosTrack app and keep track of friends during the entire ride
Easy-to-Read: Large 2.6” LCD Anti-glare display
Enhanced Battery Life: Up to 33 hours on a single charge—one of the best in the market
TrainSmart System: Provides a variety of power data (Current Power/IF/TSS/Pedal Balance) also with pre-loaded FTP test protocol and To Plan function, which allows tracking physical condition and customized workouts
File Compatibility: Ride data is saved in .fit file format for uploads to popular training software sites such as TrainingPeaks, Strava, Golden Cheetah and others
IPX7 waterproof protection


Dimensions: 3.7” x 2.2” x 0.8” (92.9 x 57 x 20.3mm)
Weight: 78g (2.75oz)
Water Rating: IPX7
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery Life: 33 hours
Display Size: 2.6” (66.1 mm)
Display Type: FSTN positive transflective dot-matrix LCD
Connections: BLUETOOTH SMART 4.0, ANT+, WLAN
Colours: Black