Aimed at E-bike enthusiasts and performance-minded trail riders who may be new to pedal-assist riding, the new Trance X E+ Pro 29 delivers a blend of progressive trail bike design and innovative, user-friendly motor technologies. It’s a next-generation advancement on Giant’s popular Trance E+ Pro series that boasts several key updates including larger 29-inch wheels and an all-new flip chip feature that lets the rider switch the frame geometry between two different settings.

The Trance X E+ Pro 29 2 is built up with premium trail-riding components including a Giant Contact Switch dropper seatpost and Romero saddle, along with grippy, high-volume 2.6-inch tires.

Trail-tuned chassis

The Trance X E+ Pro 29 is built on a super strong and lightweight ALUXX SL aluminum frameset. The chassis is engineered for the unique needs of E-MTB trail riders, with added strength and stiffness to improve handling while climbing, cornering or descending on a wide variety of terrain. This purpose-built frameset is balanced out with the latest Maestro suspension system that delivers 135mm of smooth, active rear travel.

A trunnion-mounted shock produces a lower leverage ratio for improved pedaling and braking efficiency. This updated design also lowers the bike’s centre of gravity and allows for shorter chainstays to improve the bike’s climbing and overall handling. Other updates to the rear suspension include new double-sealed bearings and hardware to improve durability without adding friction. The rear suspension is paired with a 150mm suspension fork, giving the bike a balanced feel that soaks up the terrain with smooth control.

One of the key innovations on the Trance X E+ Pro 29 is its adjustable frame geometry. A flip chip on the upper rocker arm lets you choose a steeper or slacker head and seattube angle depending on your riding style and terrain. You can change the head angle from 66.2 degrees to 65.5 degrees. The seattube angle adjusts from 77.9 degrees to 77.2 degrees.

The upper rocker arm of the Maestro suspension system has a flip chip that lets you choose a steeper or slacker head and seattube angle depending on your riding style and terrain.

Switching the geometry also changes the bottom bracket drop from 40mm in the low setting to 30mm in the high setting. The low setting gives you slacker geometry that's better suited to faster, more open terrain, while the high setting offers steeper geometry and is recommended for slower, more technical terrain.

In both settings, the geometry is designed to optimize the superior roll-over capabilities of 29-inch wheels. Boost hub spacing improves lateral wheel stiffness, and the frameset is engineered with plenty of clearance for high-volume tires up to 2.6 inches. Every Trance X E+ Pro 29 model comes with a Giant tubeless wheelset and tires set up right out of the box.

The new Trance X E+ Pro 29 helps you climb faster and ride more singletrack on any given day. Christoph Laue photo

Powered by SyncDrive Pro

The SyncDrive Pro motor gives the new Trance X E+ Pro 29 a massive 80Nm of torque and 360 percent tunable support. This means that when you’re riding in the highest mode (Power mode), 100 percent of human pedaling input offers 360 percent assisted power. The adjustable support allows the rider to choose exactly how they want the motor to react to pedaling input to fine-tune how the bike performs on the trail.

The new SyncDrive Pro motor produces 80Nm of torque and a maximum support ratio of 360 percent.

SyncDrive Pro features Smart Assist technology, which uses six sensors to determine the precise amount of power needed in any riding situation. The result is an extremely smooth and natural pedaling feel on variable terrain and changing grades of steepness.

The command centre of the Trance X E+ Pro 29 is the new RideControl Ergo handlebar-mounted unit. Ergonomically designed control buttons and a clean handlebar layout make it easy and intuitive to operate. The buttons are laid out with LED lighting that indicates the support mode and battery level. You can also connect the unit wirelessly with the RideControl E-bike App to display additional functions such as motor tuning, fitness data and navigation.

Another key upgrade with new Trance X E+ Pro 29 is its battery. The EnergyPak Smart 625 is Giant’s most advanced battery system. Cleanly integrated into the downtube, it can charge up to 80 percent in just over two hours.

The EnergyPak Smart 625 battery system is cleanly integrated into the downtube of the frame. This is Giant’s most premium battery technology and is also compatible with the EnergyPak Plus range extender.

Beyond the new frameset and electronic updates, the new Trance X E+ Pro 29 includes a full set of components designed specifically for trail riding. All models feature the Giant Contact Switch dropper seatpost with a handlebar remote that makes it easy to adjust positioning on the fly. Also included is the new Romero saddle, Giant’s first high-performance mountain bike saddle designed with an optimal shape, flexibility and comfort for trail riding.