If you have ever run out of battery on your cellphone, laptop, tablet or even your GoPro and been without access to a power source, Red-E has a range of affordable, yet extremely powerful portable chargers (otherwise known as powerbanks) that can charge your device as much as up to three times on selected units!

A particularly impressive unit is the RG40 (4,000mAh) powerbank. The Red-E 4,000mAh (see image below) unit has two outputs (USB and Mini-USB) so you can power or charge two devices at the same time.

What’s more, if you are an avid cyclist and enjoy capturing your rides on your GoPro but need more battery life on longer rides, Red-E has developed a bike mount specifically for the 4,000mAh powerbank – the first of its kind.


The Red-E range also stocks a 2,000mAh, 4,500mAh, and 6,000mAh powerbank, all varying in size and shape, to fit differing needs.

Furthermore, Red-E also stocks a range of high quality, affordable cables, and chargers for any and all of your devices as well as a range of sleek and dependable cellphone, tablet and laptop covers.

It’s the solution to all of your battery needs. Make sure you don’t go anywhere without your Red-E kit.