The bag has soft sides and a reinforced frame to keep its shape and protect its precious cargo. It is designed to carry both road and mountain bikes of all sizes (and wheel sizes). Weighing in at around 8.5 kg it is robust, yet sufficiently lightweight for easy handling and wheeling. With the bike and wheels packed the weight is towards the back of the bag which makes it easy to pick up by the front handle and roll along.



I was initially alarmed by the sparse instructions supplied, but once I got packing I understood why: it just is that simple to pack. I was able to pack my bike unassisted in under 15 minutes.




The packing process is straightforward: remove wheels, and pedals. Place pedals and axles in the clear plastic pouch in the bag. Remove handlebars from stem and fasten into place using the velcro straps on the top tube padding that is supplied with the bag. Place the bike in the bag and fasten into place with the straps fixed on the inside of bag. The bottom bracket and rear triangle sit atop a pedestal to keep the crankset and rear derailleur clear from harm. For added safety, you can remove the rear derailleur from its hanger. The wheels can then be placed in the outer wheel compartments on either side of the bag which are reinforced with plastic bars. There are also a couple of nifty zipped compartments for storing odds and ends. If you are a light packer, you can fit all your kit around the bike which also has the bonus of acting as extra scratch and bump protection.




Getting around

Moving the bag around is equally simple: pick it up by the front handle and pull to roll. This can be done with one hand; and the bag is stable thanks to a low centre of gravity, even over rough ground and pavements.



Finally, and equally importantly: the EVOC bag fits into small vehicles. I managed to load it into the boot of my Corsa unassisted (back seats down of course). The numerous straps on the sides of the bag are very handy for picking it up and moving it around inside the boot.

A couple of things to note: my 29er wheels just fit into the wheel compartment with the tyres at low pressure. I am not sure if plus size wheels- or even wider tyres than 2.25” would fit without deflating completely. My medium frame cross country bike fit easily into the bag with saddle and seatpost lowered. Larger frames may need the seatpost removed. Bearing in mind the baggage policy on some airlines is limited, and with the bag on its own weighing around 8.5 kg, it is advisable to know the weight terms of your airline before stuffing the bag with all your clothes and spares.

Finally, it may be wise to remove your brake rotors- one of mine bent a little during a flight. However- they were unscathed after the return flight so it may have been a result of some bad baggage handling on my part or during transit.



In conclusion, if you are a frequent traveller, the EVOC bike travel bag is a worthwhile investment to take some of the hassle out of transporting your bike and keep it safe from knocks and scratches. Retailing at R7,200 it is not an investment to be made lightly, but the return in peace of mind, maneuverability, and packing time saved will be immeasurable.