Lock on grips have two man advantages over slip on grips. First and the most obvious is the fact that they lock to your handlebar. This will eliminate any possibility of the grip slipping when the going gets rough or when it's wet out on the trails. The second advantage is the ability to quickly remove them to fit a new bar, different grips or control components that slide off. No messy residue left behind or the hassle of just about destroying your grips to get them off your handlebar.


The Rogues have a wider 33mm external diameter thanks to larger raised "pads" that provide extra cushioning.

Product features:

  • Extra large raised pads provide excellent shock absorption
  • Deep grooves help channel away dirt or debris
  • Lock-On Grip System means slip free performance
  • Includes new Snap Cap end plugs
  • Grips available in Black and Lime Green
  • Width 33mm
  • Length 130mm (Shorter options available for SRAM Gripshift users)

On the Trail

Thanks to the extra meat, gloves with padding aren't required to help with fatigue. The grips also offer small bump absorption which soaks up some of the trail vibration. The large raised pads and fairly soft rubber give the ODI Rogues a slightly tacky feel that holds to your hands through the roughest of trail sections.

The soft feel will not be to everyone's liking. Downhill riders and hardcore Enduro racers will most likely prefer a thinner grip, but for most others these will be a welcome relief on longer rides.



Grips might seem simple but as one of three contact points they have the potential to ruin a good ride should they slip or feel uncomfortable. Fortunately ODI grips are well thought out and have proven themselves on mountain bikes of all sorts as well as on MX bikes.

If the extra meat is not to your liking, ODI also make the Ruffian model which is thinner and less spongier.


  • "Cushy" feel
  • Once locked on they stay in place
  • Colour options provide some customizing
  • Long Lasting


  • 2.5mm screws are prone to filling with mud, potentially causing them to strip if not completely cleaned out before removing
  • The extra width will not be for everyone