What did I try?

I tried a bar of each of their flavours which included Chocolate Crave, Spirulina Dream, Heavenly Hazelnut Chocolate, Cherry Chocolate Crunch, Golden Cashew and Chocolate Coconut Bliss.

Just about all of the natural raw bars that I have tried recently were gritty, dry and less than tasty, so I was very surprised at the almost indulgent flavour of the chocolate flavoured bars and I found the texture moist and easy to swallow.

I decided to give the bars a go over a few long rides accompanied by only water and banana, so I dropped my normal electrolyte drink but followed my normal drinking and feeding routine which meant I started using the bars after two hours on the bike. Even without my normal drink in the bottles, I still felt great on the bike after four hours, the bars didn’t irritate my stomach at all and I didn’t feel hungry.



The Spirulina Dream left me with a definite buzzing which disappeared after 20 minutes.

What they say

RAW Revolution state that their ingredients are Organic, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Kosher and Vegan, so if you are inclined to choose nutrition that fits any of these requirements this could well be the bar for you.

Note that they do contain nuts, so clearly not for anyone with a nut allergy.

What I say

These are probably the nicest tasting natural and raw bars I have come across and after six rides using the bars I was happy that they provided me with enough energy and no stomach discomfort. They are not cheap bars and depending on where you shop they retail between R30 –R40 per bar but are still cheaper than many of their competitors.

What I liked

The chocolate bars tasted great and were even a bit moreish.

What I didn’t like

Spirulina bar put me on a buzz.